About the Photographer

sa·to·ri (sä-tôr , -t r , s -). n. Buddhism. A spiritual awakening sought in Zen Buddhism, often coming suddenly.

I am a self taught photographer who has been learning since I was old enough to pick up a camera. ( not to give away my age but that’s a good 20 years or so lol) I am a mother of two pretty awesome kids and the wife of an aircraft electrician with the USAF. Though my education is in anthropology, my true love is art and photography.

When it comes to photography, as a Buddhist and nature lover I am generally drawn more to nature shots. However, I tend to appreciate beauty in all of its forms and frequently stop for shots of beautiful architecture, a person who may strike me as fascinating, or any other multitude of possible images.

I hope one day to be able to work in the field of photojournalism to encompass my love of both photography and history. On the path to that goal though I have been greatly enjoying the chance to see the beauty in the world through the eyes of others as I explore the many realms of photography.

When it comes to my personal vision, I feel that every moment.. even the mundane.. has its own beauty to be captured, its satori. With Satori Imaging, my goal is to help capture the zen of every day and appreciate the happiness that each moment holds.