Takahara Hotel

  Yes, you read correctly… I really did leave Okinawa! In the midst of the move though I have been without internet for a while ( or.. ok.. internet worth trying to do… Continue reading

Like Father, Like son

    When it comes to being a family of gamers sometimes the issue of sharing can arise lol. My son and husband sharing a game of Plants vs. Zombies at the local… Continue reading

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…


Looking for More?

  Interested in seeing more of my work? Be sure to head over to the official Satori Image facebook page for all of my older work!

OKI all Day

    A little sporadic but my official goodbye to the beautiful beaches of Okinawa. Japan was fantastic, but off to new adventures!        

Beach Bum



I finally got a proper macro lens and well.. although I’m anything but pro on it yet I’ve been having so much fun with it! Luckily, my Orochimaru was kind enough to do… Continue reading

Toguchi Beach

Toguchi Beach is one of the more popular beaches of Okinawa, and in fact was the very first beach that we went to upon arriving at the island. It is known as the… Continue reading

Princess of the Food Court

I know, I know GASP a natural living mom who lets her kids eat the occasional french fry ( shhhhh…. lol)

Talk to Your Kids Early and Often About Photobombing

ok I know, not the best exposure.. but these guys cracked me up too much not to share. ( guess that is why I will never be a true professional lol)